Energy efficiency
at the heart of
the industry.

Sarus develops piston machines for the expansion or compression of gases and vapours. Our expertise is dedicated to energy efficiency and the valorization of waste energy.

Our expertise

Sarus has developed specific expertise in volumetric piston machines’ design and manufacturing, as much for the expansion as compression of gases and vapours.

This technical foundation, complemented by our expertise in thermodynamics, allows us to offer solutions for energy optimization or waste heat’s valorization.

Our applications

Thanks to our expertise, we enable numerous industrial processes energy optimization.

Waste energy valorization in gas networks

The gas network is a significant source of waste expansion energy. Recovering it enables the energy valorization in the form of compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG/LNG) as a fuel. Electrical valorization is also possible.

Gas liquefaction

Sarus offers miniature gas liquefaction cycles for biogas producers. That is made possible by our mastery of the fundamental components of these systems, namely, piston compressors and expanders

High-temperature heat pump

Heat pumps harness industrial waste heat sources (steam, condensate, cooling loops). We offer heat production through a transcritical cycle, capable of reaching temperatures exceeding 200°C.

Supercritical CO2 refrigeration cycle

We offer our expander to enhance the refrigeration performance of supercritical CO2 refrigeration systems. The use of this fluid as a refrigerant is rapidly growing due to its low environmental impact. However, the use of high pressures induced by this fluid can lead to energy losses. The Sarus expander can compensate for this drawback.

Waste heat and Rankine cycle

The Sarus piston expander enables the implementation of small-scale water steam Rankine cycles that are too small to be addressed by conventional steam turbines.

Tailor-made compressors

We can study and manufacture compressors tailored to your specific needs.

Our Team

A passionate team from energy efficiency and specializes in gas systems.

Madhav Rathour

Co-founder – President

Quentin Danel

Co-founder – Technical Director

Mathieu Assemat

Co-founder – Engineering Director

Timothée Letestu

R&D Engineer

Nathan Doublet

Engineer Assistant

Philippine Corniquet

Sales & Marketing Manager

Lucas Léon

CFD R&D Engineer

Sébastien Deguili

Automation Engineer

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